The Spackle Project


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package? Here's its Freshmeat page.

News! Second Beta Release!

The second public beta of Spackle 0.1 has been released! (The first beta was released earlier the same day, but was buggy.)

What Is It?

Spackle is a collection of enhancements to the CVS control system that allow things like automailing of changes to the sources, per-module access control by user, and various logging niceties.

Is There Any Documentation?

Well, yes -- but it's pretty primitive at this point. If you're a raving masochist and really want to see it, it's in the docs folder of this site.

What's the Status?

Downloads of the Spackle releases are available from the project files page. You can also peruse the project's ChangeLog file.

To preserve universal peace and parity, there is a Freshmeat page for the project.

The Spackle project released its first beta version (0.1b1) on 10 August 2002. There were some serious bugs in that release, however, so version 0.1b2 was released later the same day. It's downloadable now.

The first alpha release of Spackle was made available on 13 November 2001.

Where Did It Come From?

I'm actually not sure where all of these files, or the ideas for them, originated. Earlier versions of them were in use by the Apache HTTP Server project when I got involved with Apache in 1996; I made some enhancements there, and copied the files to my own repositories and continued improvements there, and they found their way into the Jikes repository when I set it up. I have no idea how many other places these files may live in one form or another. I'm tracking down all the people whose names are mentioned in the source.

The Spackle project is meant to provide a centralised home for the various hacks and enhancements, so they can be easily obtained and receive adequate code review (if anyone else ever gets involved with the project).

Mailing Lists

At the moment there are only three mailing lists associated with this project:

Who is Involved?

See the Who's Who for the project. Thin and lame, but oh well.