Spackle Installation


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Installation Instructions

Below are the instructions that are included in the package itself.

-1. Status

This project is still in the early alpha-test/development stage, so
although it is installable it may not entirely work properly.  This
note will go away (and an announcement will be made on the appropriate
mailing list) when things are actually working.  Right now it's mostly
a collection of files, not an actual package.  The ./configure and
Makefile are coming along, though, and hopefully we'll have something

0. Background

The Spackle files get installed in the target repository's CVSROOT
module.  However, installation is performed by adding them to a
checked-out copy of the module in a local working directory and then
committing the changes.  None of them have any effect on the local
system, only on the repository system, so assumptions made by and
prerequisites needed by the Spackle files apply only to the latter.

         Once Spackle is installed, mistakes in the access
         control files can lock you out of the repository,
         preventing you from making repairs through CVS as
         you normally would.  In such a case, you will need
         to access the repository directly.

1. Prerequisites

o You need to have commit access to the repository's
  CVSROOT module
o You need to have the CVSROOT module checked out into
  a local working directory
o You need a version of the Perl interpreter installed
  on the repository system and know its path; versions
  later than 5.003 are preferred
o You need to have a sendmail command on the repository
  system and know its path

3. Building / Installation

To install the Spackle package with the default options:

    ./buildconf  # if working from a CVS checkout
    ./configure --with-cvsroot=
    make install

This will install the Spackle files in the CVSROOT working
directory specified; a commit will be required to complete
the installation.

Spackle depends on cvs, Perl, and sendmail, all on the repository
system.  When you run ./configure, it will by default use the
locations found on the configuring system, which may be different.
If Perl is installed in a different location on the repository
system than on the local one, you need to use the --with-perl
option to specify the location on the former:

    ./configure --with-cvsroot= --with-perl=/bin/perl

Likewise, use the --with-sendmail option to override the
location of the sendmail command on the repository system:

    ./configure --with-cvsroot= \

Similarly, if cvs isn't in the default PATH on the repository system,
you need to tell Spackle where it is with:

    ./configure --with-cvsroot= \

Complete list of configuration options
All of the Spackle-specific configuration options are listed
here.  Each is marked as 'required' or 'optional'; that should
be self-explanatory.  Each is also labelled either 'negatable'
or 'non-negatable', which simply means that either the