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Section: Utilities (5) Updated: November 2001


Spackle - CVS Access Controls and Utilities  


Spackle is a collection of files and scripts which are installed in a CVS repository's CVSROOT module. It takes advantage of many of the hooks the base CVS software provides and enhances it to allow finer-grained access control and/or augmented logging capabilities.

Spackle is applied to an existing CVS repository; more precisely, to the checked-out CVSROOT module, and the added and changed files are then committed. The features are selected using a standard ./configure command, and applied with an equally standard make install.

The logging features added by Spackle are triggered by commits to the repository, and are twofold:

The email addresses to which the commit reports are sent are entirely customisable, and may be different for different modules -- or even different files -- in the repository.

The security features added by Spackle consist of allowing the control of commit access at any degree of granularity. Individual users may be granted (or denied) access to specific modules or files.



Three files are of particular concern when it comes to security. Those are the CVSROOT/passwd, CVSROOT/readers, and CVSROOT/writers files. These are considered sensitive because they contain information about what levels of access are permitted to different users; in addition, the CVSROOT/passwd file contains encrypted passwords.

By default, Spackle will neither create nor export these files. However, each can be individually enabled at configuration time, which will make their contents available to anyone accessing the CVSROOT module.

If you have direct access to your repository -- i.e., it's on a local system and you don't need to go through the network to modify the CVSROOT files -- it is highly recommended that you maintain these files directly in the repository and neither check them into the CVSROOT module nor list them as exportable in the CVSROOT/checkoutlist file.

If your repository is remotely accessed, it is recommended that you add these files to the CVSROOT module and the CVSROOT/checkoutlist file only after careful consideration.



For more information, see the Spackle project Web site at <URL:http://Spackle.SourceForge.Net/>.

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