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Section: Utilities (5)
Updated: March 2002
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spackle-mailmap - CVS Commit Mail Addresses  




The CVSROOT/mailmap file is used by the Spackle(5) package to direct CVS commit messages to the appropriate addresses. The email addresses to which the commit reports are sent are entirely customisable, and may be different for different modules -- or even different files -- in the repository. The mailmap file provides this customisation ability.

Each line in the mailmap file consists of three colon (':') delimited fields:

A Perl regular expression which is applied to the names of the modules being committed.
Zero or more flag keywords, separated by commas or spaces.
One or more email addresses, separated by commas or spaces.

When something is committed to the repository, the list of the modules affected is used to locate one or more entries in the mailmap file. An example module list would be:

spackle spackle-mailmap.5 MANIFEST

The first entry in the list is the name of the top-level module under which the other files are found.

The patterns of all entries in the mailmap file are scanned; if an entry's pattern doesn't match, the process proceeds to the next entry. If one is found to match, what happens next is determined by the value of the flag field. If it contains:

the contents of the eddress field is added to the mail destination list, and scanning continues.
the contents of the eddress is added to a fallback list, and scanning continues.
the contents of the eddress field is added to the mail destination list, and reading of the mailmap file stops immediately.

If the email destination list is empty when scanning has been completed, the value of the fallback list is used as the destination list. This permits an entry such as


to appear anywhere in the file and act as a catch-all entry. If no better entry is found, Jon.Doe will receive the email.

If the destination list is empty, and there are no fallback eddresses, the script will default to sending the mail to the MAINTAINER_EMAIL address specified at configure time or in the CVSROOT/spackle.conf file.  


Invalid or incorrect entries in the mailmap file may cause commit messages to be misdirected in strange ways and to odd coordinates. After updating and committing your mailmap file, check subsequent commits to ensure no 'unable to send' or 'dead.letter' messages were displayed as part of the commit output.

Since the mailmap logging occurs after the commit has taken place, errors in sending the mail or in the mailmap file do not have any negative effect on the repository.  


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