Spackle Documentation

Spackle Documentation


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This is the main page for the Spackle project's documentation. Since the project has only recently been created, don't be surprised if the pages here are sparse, incomplete, or completely missing on any particular topic.

Detail Pages

This is nothing more nor less than the INSTALL file that's included in the package distribution. Just plain text; nothing fancy.
The Main Man Page.
The source of the man page, run through man2html and then edited to make valid and usable HTML. The man page is included in the package.
The spackle.conf Man Page.
The man page that describes the format of the Spackle configuration file.
The spackle.karma Man Page.
Describes the format of the Spackle karma file, which defines who has commit access to what.
The spackle-mailmap Man Page.
Describes the format of the Spackle mailmap file, which controls how and where commit messages are sent.